Coconut Processing Lines

Shelling machine for coconut, double head :

With automatic loading fruit system;

Double peeling, for to remove the shell of coconut;

With automatic management and industrial PLC and electronic inverter with, power supply 220V mono-phase.

Speed adjustment of rotation of the spindle and of the advancement of the shelling;

Milling system with electro spindle 24.000rpm and special cutter to tail- swallow; Production for each machine up to 8 fruit/min.;

Automatic discharge at the end of processing on the rear of the machine, with motorized rotary chute;

Discharge of the dust and of the shell in the anterior part on box (not supplied).

Washing system with water shower;

Disposable water discharge in your tank (or other demand);

Ø 5mm perforated basket for removing and recovering the undersized;

Underwater recovery grate for undersized;

Electric utility capacity: 1 kw 380 V triphase;

Dedicated feed system of the product with special spiral conveyor and perforated cylinder, Ø 5mm or other on demand;

Evolution basket: mm 1800, diameter 600mm;

Forward/rotation speed: variable with speed variator;

Stainless steel frame AISI 304;

Safety standards;

Notices: EC certification;

Standards frame-type switchboard.

The plant has been designed for the selection and recovery of the under-sized product, in a delicated way, in order not to break the product during washing, progress in the basket

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