Fruit Robot Packaging lines

ENEA 8P (High performance packaging machine 8 place packers)

it consists in one Fruit Packer Machine that inserts the fruit inside the boxes.

This Machine is planned to pack the fruit in compact successive layers of fruit inside the boxes. It needs operator’s help, when the fruit is supplied in loose, the operators must put the fruit in order over the hole plates that run over plate’s transporter adjacent to the packer cab. The above mentioned Machine is capable of pack any fruit arrangement with any number of fruits in alternate layers. The only thing that you must do is change plate’s Set Up. It is very fast and easy to change without tools. The Plate’s Set Up is adapted to box type defined by the customer. It consisted in a Plate Set Up and Set Up Suction Pad with the fruit distribution. This Quotation told about one Machine with the basic resources only for Work with one kind of Fruit’s Plate Set up. All those necessary spares for work with other Fruit’s Plate Set Up is possible manufacturing and make a new quotation aside of this one. This Plate’s Set Up is selling separately of the Machine. For Plate’s Set up outside of standard, we make a quotation about functional building in writing and with study of proper authority. The rough production of our Packer Machines, in normal circumstances, is around six seconds by cycle.

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