Electronic Fruit grading Lines

Globalmach is dedicated to delivering the best optical Fruit grading machines for sorting fruits such as apricots, cherries, dates, plums, avocado , mangoes , citrus  Our systems ensure that your fruits are handled and transfered gently in single lines to be inspected individually. What differentiates our machines is the expertise we put into developing a precise industry-leading inspection unit that enables you to achieve consistent results that match international standards of sorting in the world today. Our machines can be adapted to your packhouse’s production capacity requirements.

We produce unparalleled optical sorting systems for medium-sized fruits such as apples, pears, avocados, kiwi, citrus fruits, peaches, pomegranates, and more. Our machines were engineered and adapted to ensure a smooth transition between feeding, treatment, sorting, and packaging of the fruits being handled. Our greatest innovation lies in the machine’s state-of-the-art sorting technology which attains unrivalled results in sorting by shape, size, shades of color, and quality.


The fruits are introduced in bulk into a large tub of water, essentialy to avoid any bruising, where large residues and debris are collected in the water circulation system. This unit serves as a primary cleaning station for fruits and vegetables that can be immersed in water, like apples and oranges for example. Fruits can dumped manually into the basin or can be delicately unloaded using a specialized crate dumping system. A different feeding system is used for fruits and vegetables that do not float in water.


The fruits are then disinfected and cleaned thoroughly in a cleaning unit where appropriate detergents are applied. A waxing unit (optional) comes afterwards. It consistutes of a series of special horse hair brushes and sponges that scrub, clean, and delicately apply wax on the surface of the produce without bruising. These machines are coupled with the finest Italian wax in the market for a differentiable final product.


Our sorting machines are engineered to handle the roughest and most delicate fruits and the smallest to the largest varieties. The machines are equipped with cups and rollers designed to uniquely embody each fruit variety and secure their smooth transition along the sorting line. Our integrated machine vision softwares were trained on a vast data sample of fruits and vegetables collected from different parts of the world to achieve the most impressive results in shape, size, color, and quality sorting.


Our optical system comprises of industry-leading cameras combined with a visionary lighting setup that has been tested and perfected over the years to achieve unparalleled imaging and sorting results:

• Weight – with an accuracy to the decimal
• Size – based on surface area and diameter
• Shape – detects any flaws in the circularity of the fruit
• Color – differentiates varieties in shades of color
• External Quality – detects surface defects on the fruit
• Internal Quality – inspects for internal abnormalities.


After being cleaned, treated, and sorted, the fruits and vegetables are guided to their appropriate destinations to be packed in trays, boxes, and crates. When necessary, a weighing system is available at each exit for workers to precisely load the packages with the right amounts of the produce. The packages are then ready to be sealed and shipped to the their destination markets from the sorting facility. Quadra also provides flow pack and shrink wrapping machines for further packaging options, as well as vertical packaging machines for net bagging options.


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