IQF Freezing Lines

Advanced IQF freezer systems have been the leading innovator for quick freezing vegetables. Maintaining the natural appearance, texture and colour of the vegetables during the freezing process is the biggest advantage of Advanced tunnel freezers.

Sensitive vegetables need extra care such as broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus , strawberries . The biggest challenge when individually quick freezing vegetables are to neutralize enzyme activity to help prevent discoloration and structural damage to the individual vegetable.

Advanced Equipment custom designs IQF spiral and tunnel freezers for food processing plants. Our tunnel freezers are customized for the type and size of products to be frozen and the capacity needed. Looking for high-quality IQF vegetables without compromising energy efficiency

For over 30 years, Advanced Equipment has been a major innovator in IQF freezer technology. Many of the standard features now incorporated in IQF freezer systems today originated with Advanced. Advanced IQF freezers have a reputation of being trouble free while achieving higher quality yields. With freezer installations in over 20 countries, Advanced is a globally recognized manufacturer of quality tunnel freezers.

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