Asphalt production Plants

We can supply the right plant to suit your market requirements:  Whether it’s a transportable or stationary plant, at capacities from 100 – 400 t/hour – but one thing remains consistent throughout: GLOBALMACH INDUSTRIES as General Contractor has the most cutting-edge solutions for economical, flexible and environmentally friendly asphalt production.

Careful attention is paid to both the evolution of its asphalt plants but also to the environment, the reduction of CO₂ emissions, energy savings, warm asphalt production and recycling solutions.

Continuous asphalt plants are named like this because there is no interruption in the process of asphalt production. Unlike batch-type plants, the mixing of aggregates, filler and bitumen takes place in the dryer drum. For this reason the drum, which is considerably longer than a batch-plant drum, takes the name of drum-mixer.
The revolutionary feature of this technology is that the simplicity of the dryer-drum is able to guarantee a high level of performance and high quality of the finished product, providing that accurate checks of the raw materials are made.
There are two different types of continuous plants: the parallel flow drum-mixer (the simplest and least expensive plants) and the counter-flow plants, more efficient from a heat-exchange point of view.
As in traditional plants, the asphalt produced in the dryer-mixer drum is then fed into storage silos, for later discharge onto trucks and transport to the road working site.


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