Waste Recycling Lines

We designs, builds and operates systems for the treatment of specific waste and manufactures machinery and metal structures of various types. For each type of project guarantees a good result by combining professionalism and specialised knowledge to produce it, coordinating the company’s skillset optimally.

This open and flexible method of operating enables the company to provide appropriate (and professionally valid) responses to a wide variety of applications that meet the needs of the customer in terms of quality, lead times and technical reliability.

Our goal is continuous improvement of our products, investing in research and technology, while still seeking to optimise production costs in order to give a clear competitive advantage to our customers.

We sell turnkey projects and plants for Municipal waste recycling , E-Waste recycling plants , plastic recycling  RDF waste recycling plants


We design and manufacture different machines used in our systems as well as designing and manufacturing prototypes in a process of continuous research and continuous investment in technological development. This continuous evolution improves the standard of the machines we produce and provides particularly robust and high quality new models and advanced technologies. This is the only way for us to provide and ensure particularly low operating and maintenance costs. Every single component or machine can be changed and adapted according to the specific needs of the customer, the type of material treated, and possible evolution of the market.

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