Waste to Energy Plants

Globalmach industries ltd General Contracting company, whose members has an experience of 28 years in the field of complex technologies for the treatment and energetic exploitation of waste and biomasses. Along with his Italian Engineering partner Ecoeng Environment operates at 360 ° in this field, proposing the design and erection turnkey of waste, sludge, and biomasses treatment and gasification plants, and Incinirations turn-key plants.

Our skills allow us to intervening in the whole path of waste treatment, offering our customers complete technological solutions, from the thermal treatment of the sludge, to the selection for the recovery of reusable waste, to the processing of non-recyclable waste into a derivative fuel commonly known as R.D.F. (Refuse Derived Fuel), to the biomasses treatment, to the gasification of it and its subsequent cogeneration. It is this huge experience in the industrial gasification, to enable us today to exploiting any kind of waste and to propose plants that are fully automated, reliable and with a low cost/benefit ratio. GLOBALMACH INDUSTRIES LTD uses the most recent technologies for the analyses of the waste and for testing it, and cooperates with consultants and Italian companies, highly specialized into mechanical engineering, in order to provide customers a continuous support in the field and the full functionality the plant.

The Gasification is a thermochemical process which consists in the partial oxidation of the solid fuel, to convert it into gaseous fuel. This process occurs within a device called a gasifier or gasogene. The process takes place in poor atmosphere of oxygen, (under stoichiometric) thus with less oxygen viz-a-viz the necessary quantity needed for a complete combustion. The process is carried out in a controlled environment, where the following thermalchemical reactions take place, with the consequent production of SYNGAS or poor gas or synthesis gas

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