Food Processing Plants

The continuous research and innovation has led to the development of less invasive and destructive processing methods that allow to obtain a final product always at the top in quality tests.
Designs, manufactures and installs the following complete lines:

  • Complete tomato processing lines for juice, tomato paste, concentrate, diced and peeled tomatoes, ketchup and sauces production;
  • Complete fruit and vegetable processing lines for juice, puree, concentrate, pikled vegetables, frozen and V gamma products;
  • Complete puree and concentrate reprocessing lines for drinkable juice, nectar, ketchup and sauces, marmalade and jam production;
  • Complete potato processing lines for french fries, chips, potato flakes production lines;
  • Complete baby food processing line;
  • Vegetable cream processing line
  • Complete milk and dairy plants for ricotta, tvorog, cream, butter, fresh and seasoned cheese, spread, yougurt, kefir;
  • Raw fruit receiving and stocking units;
  • Fresh milk receiving, filtering, skimming and pastereurization lines;
  • Milk and whey powder production lines
  • UHT milk line
  • Turn-key projects and other complete lines for food processing companies.

Sell , designs, manufactures and installs the following machines:

  • Turbo extractors for puree and juices;
  • “Hot-Break” or “Cold-Break”  pre-heating units;
  • Grinders, tearing groups, chopping pumps, hammer mills;
  • Evaporators at forced circulation, at falling film, at turbulent thin film, at scraped surface, at thermo-compression, at mechanical recompression;
  • Sterilizers, pasteurizers, tube nest, tube-in-tube,  scraped surface and flash type coolers;
  • Complete groups for the aseptic packaging of juices, purees, concentrates, products with pieces, with “bag-in-box”, “bag-in-drum” and ”bag-in-bin” system;
  • Specific products not included in the standard range of production.

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